InDesign, динамична и растечка фирма формирана како резултат на сонот на еден човек да развие веб дизајн компанија која ќе ги задоволи побарувањата на денешните клинети. Повеќе за клиентот



Do U need Intellectual property ?


Patent is an exclusive right granted on a new, inventive and industrially applicable invention from the field of technology. Any person claming to be the true and first inventor can apply for registration.
INTELPROTECT offers professional assistance in obtaininig rights in the territory of Macedonia and foreign countries (national patent, EU patent).
We also provide service in the arrea of assignement of rights, recordal of changes in registers and in licence agreements.


Copyright is protection providet to the autor of original artistic work. This protection is avaiable to published and unpublished works. The owner has the exclusive right to do, to authorise others, or to forbide other to reproduce and to distribute the work in copies to the public (phonorecords, audiovisual works, literarry works, choreographic works e.t.c.), also to prepare derivative works based upon the protected work.


Trade mark is a sign (brand name, word, slogan, logo, label, packaging, signature, heading)allowing to distinguish the goods and services of one company from those of another one.


- Advice on the ability for registration of Trademarks
- Conduct searches to detect opposing Trademarks and applications
- File and prosecute Trademarks application andcomplete registration of Trademark
- Investigate Trademark infringements
- Advice on Trademark infringements
- Enforce Trademark rights against infringers
- Customs procedures in case of infringement
- Renewal of Trademarks

Industrial design

Design is outer appareance of a product as a whole, or its part   defined by its designations, lines, contours, colours, shapes, texture, and material wrom which is made, or decorated. That means design is the ornamental or aestetic aspect od an article.
The design should ber unique and must not be avaiable in the market prior to registration under the Design Act.
Industrial designs are applied a wide variety of products od industri and handcraft